Restoration and Repair

At M. Madinger Jeweler, we  understand the significance and memories a piece of jewelry can carry  with it.  Those special heirlooms or pieces closest your heart may need  attention over the years.  We offer full service restoration and  repair.  You can rest assured that your jewelry will remain safe and  secure.  With an on-site Goldsmith, M. Madinger Jeweler can care for  your jewelry without it ever leaving our hands.  We also provide inspection, cleaning, refurbishing, and refinishing of your existing jewelry.

Do you want to know how much your existing jewelry is worth?

Bring your jewelry items into M. Madinger Jeweler for a fair,  professional, and certified appraisal.  We can also buy your diamonds  and old gold through our buy-back program.

A Unique Variety of Fine Jewelry

We  specialize in custom jewelry design but we also have a large selection  of fine jewelry.  We are not your typical "mall jeweler" so you can  expect a no pressure buying experience with focused and specialized  customer service.  Visit the "dressing table" where you're encouraged to browse, touch, and even try on merchandise at your own pace.

M. Madinger Jeweler offers a variety of products and services  including custom designed jewelry for all occasions with the  professionalism of a Graduate Gemologist and Goldsmith. 


Custom Jewelry Design

Custom jewelry is a first class and memorable way to celebrate the special moments in your life.  From  engagements and anniversaries to birthdays and retirement, you can mark  these moments with a truly unique gift.  We have gemstones, diamonds  and precious metals to match your needs and budget.  Let Melissa and  her team craft your idea into a lasting and memorable gift.

The time required to complete a custom piece varies but we recommend  that you meet with us three months before you would like the piece  completed.  M. Madinger Jeweler provides a premium selection of  diamonds, gemstones, precious metals, and we are committed to working  with you to stay within your budget.